Missed/Late/Cancellations Policy

The Foot Health Clinic is committed to looking after the footcare needs of those attending the practice.  Appointments are busy and often have a lengthy waiting period before they come up.  A factor that compounds this wait is that of missed or failed appointments. Patients arriving late and failing to give adequate notice of being unable to attend.  We are aware that often notice is not possible and similarly, too short or inadequate notice leaves us unable to offer the appointment to another person.

DNA (Did Not Attend) appointments may mean that you may have to wait several more weeks for another appointment.

DNA Charge

Failed appointments, cancellations, and inadequate notice of less than 24 hrs incur a charge €60

How not to be a DNA

Call the reception in person or have a family representative call on your behalf.

Telephone and leave a message (24hrs).

Post a note through the letterbox

Continual DNA’s

A person who in our opinion fails repeatedly x2 to attend, or give adequate, (24 hours) advance notice for scheduled appointments may not be offered any future appointments at the practice.

We will not tolerate abusive, verbal, or threatening actions towards any of our staff at any time.