About Our Orthopaedic Footwear

In 1999, Ronan Ryan established a foot orthoses manufacturing company “Orthopro Limited”. Orthopro Limited also supplies a carefully selected range of orthopaedic footwear. Orthopaedic shoes are special types of footwear for individual with particular foot problems or special needs. They are designed to relieve discomfort associated with many foot and ankle disorders, such as bunions, hammer toes or chronic oedema. Most of our orthopaedic shoes can be fitted with our orthoses for extra support or correction. Please find below information on our current shoe suppliers:

Alviflex Logo



Alviflex is a leading Spanish brand in the manufacture of orthopaedic shoes for women. Their shoes are designed for sensitive feet, insoles and with special widths.

New Feet Logo

New Feet


New Feet shoes are designed for sensitive feet, people with diabetes and people with arthritis. They are developed by Danish designers, working closely with podiatrists and orthopaedic shoemakers.

Podartis Logo



Podartis shoes are designed in Italy, from the selection of materials to the rigorous biomechanical testing, to provide stability and comfort during all stages of the walk.